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10 Jul

QUIZ: Is Your Toddler Ready for the Potty?

8 Mar

ARE you wondering if your kid’s ready to kick the nappies?

I worried about it non stop. Until one day my husband sat Felix down on the potty and he did his first big boy wee. We were all ecstatic! (Note: If you celebrate your child’s first time on the potty by jumping and cheering, wait until they finish peeing first.)

It turned out Jose was much more in tune with Felix’s readiness than I was. If you’re like me and not quite sure, here’s a quiz I created for you. It’s based on the (multiple!) books I read on potty training and our own experience with Felix. Hope you find it useful. Share it if you do!

Just click below and answer 9 simple questions!



We’re on a break!

8 Jan

Happy New Year to everyone!

We’re on a break until the first week of March. Look forward to seeing you then!

Jo xkeep-calm-im-on-a-break

Top 10 Coolest Christmas Treat Recipes

12 Dec


PEOPLE around the web have some great ideas for Christmas. Here are my favourite Top 10 recipes I’ve spotted on Pinterest. Click on each image below to visit the original recipe sites.

I already tried these Santa strawberries above. So easy!

Here are a few more favourites…

Continue reading

Best “Chocolatiest” Chocolate Birthday Cake

5 Dec


This is a chocolate cake recipe that I’ve adapted from a few different ones. My family tells me this version is the best one yet. The secret? Add a tiny bit of espresso powder to enhance the taste of chocolate! Espresso powder is made of finely ground espresso coffee beans. You’ll find it on any supermarket shelf next to the normal ground coffee… Continue reading

Fresh “Bacaladillas” in Easy Parsley & Lemon Batter

28 Nov


I love bacaladillas, or small codfish, because they’re easy to cook for a toddler. They taste really good, but have no bones. And you can clean them very quickly by just pulling the spine out.

Serves: 4-6 Continue reading

Massive Blueberry Oven Pancake

21 Nov


A massive pancake that cooks itself in the oven. With blueberries. You’ve got to try this!

Serves: a large family  Continue reading

COOKING: Churros

15 Nov

Johanna Bergstrom:

Cold mornings, rain, wrapped in a duvet on the sofa watching old cartoons? It’s a good time of year for churros and chocolate, the ultimate Spanish Sunday brunch!

Originally posted on :

Sunday morning, churros y chocolate for breakfast… welcome to real Spain!

If you’ve never had a churro before, basically you are looking at a long, slim, slightly crunchy donut.

Churros are traditionally served with a sprinkling of sugar and dipped into a cup of steaming hot chocolate. 

Usually available early in the morning at local cafes, they can also be taken away wrapped in a paper cone and enjoyed at home. 

But churros are really easy to make – and you’ll find they disappear pretty darn quick off the plate! Here’s how to prepare your own. This recipe serves about 4-5 people.

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